Producer and vocalist whose minimal electronic beats dance between bass music, afro house and future R&B. The raw, minimal sound of Ori Moto beats is characterised by boxy kicks, human handclaps, sparse bass tones, sprinklings of synths, and wisps of Ray’s own vocals.

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Ori Moto

Producer / DJ set

Over 6 hours of all-original, self-produced beats, spanning a wide range of genres. Here’s a small sampler:

Live Vocal set

Up to two hours of original music, with live vocals and live sequencing. Here’s a taste of how the Live Vocal performance looks and sounds:


Producer & DJ Ori Moto (Shenanz) creates playful polyrhythms and spacious beats, which dance between afro house, bass music, hip hop and future R&B.

Ori Moto is the electronic project from music- and video-maker Raymond Wassef (aka Ray Mann), in which he explores the intersection between his heritage as an Egyptian, his upbringing in Sydney, and his artistic practice in Berlin.

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