SHENANZ is a party series, hosted by Ori Moto, featuring producers sharing their original beats. Streaming from Brrrlin.


For each event, producer & DJ Ori Moto invites guests to play a DJ set of their own creations.

The goal is to see more Berlin producers (especially non-male, non-white, and not-necessarily-techno) DJing their own beats, and to offer them a safe space in a low-pressure, house party vibe, gender-and genre-diverse setting.

In a town full of talented producers and skilful DJs, with a big demand for both, the two overlap surprisingly rarely – especially in Berlin’s innumerable small bars, which could (and should) be the site for the discovery and development of new talent.

SHENANZ is intended as a trojan horse for representation and artistry – the diversity and originality behind the decks is not the feature, it’s the norm!


Since lockdown, the series has moved online, presenting and streaming performances from Berlin-based producers – watch Shenanz TV here.

Artists Who Have Performed at SHENANZ

Alada (No Shade) • Anna Sharifi (uon)Folly Ghost (No Shade) • Frank LyJoa LunaLazy RosarioLess Is MoreLoop MotorMarlonMTMA (No Shade) • Ori MotoRoygbivSandungaSKALATarabalsiTaubeTerri LeeTrim FoleyVacant Lake • Yvois (Éclat Crew)

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About the host

Ori Moto curates & plays at each event: